The saying “still waters run deep” may have been written to describe our Practice Owner, Dr. Jay Thrush. This quiet, reflective human is a rare combination of heart, intelligence, curiosity and highly refined skills. He’s also a romantic who moved to Ontario to join the love of his life in building the dream that would become Forty Creek Animal Hospital. Born and raised in Alberta, he earned his veterinary degree in Saskatchewan and built a thriving practice in Manitoba before moving eastward.  He feels that this journey has brought him to exactly where he was meant to be and doing what he was meant to do. In his 30+ years of experience, Dr. Jay has cared for thousands of animals with a uniquely direct but tender expertise for pets and those who love them. In doing so, he has built a philosophy that assisting animals in need is fundamentally about building relationships with their people. He lives this daily in his practice, whether doing a healthy puppy check or performing life-saving surgery. Dr. Jay is humble and authentically kind to the core, inspiring those around him to dig deep, do better and look at every situation through empathetic eyes. With his calm demeanour, fine-tuned wisdom and advanced skill set, both you and your pet can trust that you are in good hands with Dr. Jay.


There is a heart that beats at the centre of Forty Creek Animal Hospital and she is named Lisa Milan. Equal parts love, kindness, empathy, authenticity, vision and brains, Lisa brings a focused passion to veterinary medicine that elevates everything we do. Leading by integrity and example, she inspires our team to reach further in our advocacy for animals, ourselves and each other. As our Hospital Director and Chief Wellbeing Officer, Lisa inspires a cohesive efficiency that empowers our team to provide the highest quality care to the pets we serve and the people who love them. With positive practice culture at the heart of her work, she builds intentional connection and trust that makes everyone – whether pets or people – feel safe, seen and cared for when they come to Forty Creek Animal Hospital. Lisa is a warm and constant presence in every corner of the hospital for pets and their people. She’ll greet, reassure and guide you about your pets’ care and well-being. She’ll also keep a watchful “mama bear” eye over your pets, offering her calm presence and warm snuggles throughout their care. 


When we were searching for a veterinarian to join our core team, we knew that compassion, understanding, kindness and well-rounded medical experience were the qualities that we couldn’t go without. We had no idea we could find all of those and add the ability to truly meet people where they’re at and the desire to continually elevate the care and service pets and people deserve. We are very proud to introduce our medical partner, Dr. Tina Gagnon. She’s a 2010 Ontario Veterinary College top graduate with a special interest in internal medicine, surgery and wellness care. Whether your pet needs immediate attention, long-term care or a “stay-well” visit, Dr. Tina will be there by your side to laugh, smile and even share tears during your pet’s lifetime. She is a familiar face in the town of Beamsville and knows and loves our community. We couldn’t be happier to work alongside and collaborate with Dr. Tina to provide your pets with outstanding care and you with sound, trusted advice.


What do you get when you mix a super-smart animal lover and a quick-witted people lover? You get our Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT), Erin. When we met Erin, we quickly realized she was genuinely interested in the story behind people and their pets. She explained that she can better help the pet owners when she understands the bond. Erin thinks on her feet and pays close attention to her surroundings and the needs of others, which makes her an incredible surgical technician. She will offer guidance to help keep your pet healthy and hold their paw in the hospital when they’re not. Erin is here for it all.


Warmth and compassion radiate from Leah. She is a top-notch Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) because she can remain calm and tender while prioritizing the needs of our patients and doctors. Leah will be the one by your pet’s side during any surgery or hospital stay and will keep a watchful eye on them and ensure their comfort and safety. Whether you need guidance on a pet concern or have follow-up questions from a vet visit, she will be there for it all. She has extensive technical experience in veterinary hospitals and is one of the lucky few RVTs who have worked at Hope for Wildlife in Nova Scotia. We fell in love with Leah the day we met her, and we think you will, too.


Have you ever seen a room light up when someone is in it? Well, that’s what happens in the presence of our Client Service Manager, Sonia. She has been providing compassionate care and service in veterinary hospitals for over 20 years, and she is excited to meet you and your pets at Forty Creek Animal Hospital. Not only will she laugh with you at the stories you’ll share about your pets, but she’ll remember them the next time you’re in. Her mission is to be highly attentive to what’s important to you and your pets (and squish as many cats as possible). Her cheerfulness is contagious, and that’s why she’ll be the first person you meet when you walk in.


The moment we met Melena, we knew there was something so special about her connection to pets, people and the veterinary community. She lit up when we explained our vision of Forty Creek Animal Hospital and shared that she’s been “training for this level of kindness, communication and care her whole life”. She is hyper-focused on listening to the needs of others and determining the simplest ways of providing solutions while staying connected to our pet owners, doctors or care team. She has vast knowledge in patient care, nutrition and triaging and continues to elevate her skills and our team every chance she gets. Melena is our Patient Care Technician, and she can’t wait to meet you.